Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of some frequently asked questions about the The Ultimate Sales Guy competition. If you don’t find the answer you seek, please feel free to contact us.

Each contest is predetermined by the hosting/sponsoring business and approved by The Ultimate Sales Guy Management. The current contest is hosted by Online Services and consist of 30 days of training and the official contestant activity which will last for a 90 day or 3 month period.

The contest is not available to employees, their family members and subcontractors of The Ultimate Sales Guy or Online Services IDM.

With that stated, everyone else is free to apply to be a contestant. However, The Ultimate Sales Guy (TUSG) and the host company will review each application for approval.

TUSG seeks to have the best sales people competing in this contest and each applicant is evaluated. However, length of sales experience is NOT the only factor we seek. Contestants must be self starters, have good communication skills and the ability to utilize personal video taping for the selling of the product.

The hosting/sponsoring company also has their own criteria for the contestants and the acceptance of an applicant is largely dependent upon the their discretion.

TUSG and the Hosting company are running this contest strictly to increase the customer base of the hosting company and to promote in a positive manner the customer growth of both companies. All Contestants and people applying to become a contestant must agree to the "Non Compete Agreement", "The Non Collusion Agreement" and "The use of Intellectual Property". These Agreements will stay in force for 5 years and the Intellectual Property agreement is a life time or 50 year agreement.

Yes, you will get paid commissions based on the host companies normal payroll strategy. In most cases that should be every 2 weeks. However, this is a Commission only contest.

The payout of the Grand Prize will be paid out 180 days after the contest comes to a close. Note, the true winner is not defined until this 180 day period. There are many things happening during this period to include video production, customer product development and most importantly due diligence to ensure that there is no collusion between the contestants and the new customer to defraud the host company of the sale.

The hosting company will provide its sales material to the contestants that are accepted in order to assist contestants in performing their job. This material may include "help documents", "online video", "phone calls" and or other means.