Basic Rules and Terms

Please note these are the basic rules for the contest. The rules cover both the duties, responsibilities, qualifying guidelines and disqualifying guidelines for both the sponsor and the contestants. The Ultimate Sales Guy and sponsors reserve the right to modify these rules and guidelines via email and website notification. Please review the rules below:

The Ultimate Sales Guy and its affiliates require that all Contest sponsors complete a stingent interview process to ensure that the sponsor is capable and willing to provide everything that is necessary to successfully complete the contest and to ensure that the contestants / winners receive the benefits as described by the sponsor.

Please note this process has been put in place to ensure the integrity of contest.

All Sponsor Companies must operate in a legal manner and within the ethical requirements of their profession. The Sponsor cannot request or require that contestants operate in any manner that would break these rules/laws. In addition, the sponsor and/or the contestant is required to notify The Ultimate Sales Guy administration upon becoming aware of any rule violations.

All Sponsors are required to put all prize money in The Ultimate Sales Guy legal escrow account. The prize money for the contest is required to be legally paid out in accordance with the successful completion of the contest. Please note the sponsor can and must outline the payout schedule and requirements of the contest. This schedule is defined upfront to the contestants during the signup and interview process.

Sponsors of promotions are required to sign an affidavit(s) of eligibility and liability/publicity releases from all prize winners, contestants.

All contestants are required to provide a release of all intellectual materials such as videos, writings, voice recordings, etc to be used by The Ultimate Sales Guy and / or the contest sponsor for the purpose of promoting either of the companies and the promotion of the contest.

Signed contracts are required with all vendors, co-promotional partners, prize suppliers, fulfillment houses, bonding companies, licensees (e.g., a third party that will use your company's trademarks to promote a promotion) or other third party that provides services or prizes in connection with the promotion. Each agreement should spell out the third party's obligations for the promotion and to indemnify "The Ultimate Sales Guy" for a breach of those obligations.

The Ultimate Sales Guy reserves the right to cancel the contest for the following reasons: 1. The treshold of sales as stated be the sponsor is not met or the treshold of contestants is not met. 2. Various rules and regulations are being violated as described by both The Ultimate Sales Guy and the Sponsors rules are being violated to the point that sponsors thresholds are not being met. Review the Sponsors Rules and Regulations. Note, if the contest is cancelled the prize money will be released back to the sponsor only if the violation is not caused by the actions of the sponsor. The Administration fees paid by the sponsor are not returned in anycase.