Rules for Success

You come across so many articles titled “Tips to become successful”, “mantras to lead a successful life” and many more like that. They all seem to be offering the formula to become successful. But, is there really a formula, which if applied to your life will dissolve all your miseries and help you achieve great professional or personal heights? What each one of the writers is trying to do is, providing you with a guide, a map book that shows the route. Each traveller will have to face his/her own set of hurdles that he/she will have to cross. The guide/map simply tells you that if you keep going on the route, you are bound to reach your destination.

Here are certain thoughts, which when kept in mind while you are on this journey called life can help you in your trip.

Define your motive

You need to be clear on what you want to achieve. It can be a small term goal or a long term mission statement. Examples are: By the end of the day I should be able to achieve so and so sales target. By the end of the year I want to see myself promoted. In 5 years’ time I should be equipped with an executive MBA. Whatever it is it should be clear and positive.

Motivate yourself to achieve it

You are your best friend. No one can help you if you yourself are not willing. You know your strengths and weaknesses better than anybody. Capitalize on your strengths. Don’t be too hard on your weaknesses. Everybody has a fault that’s why they are human. It can be anger, laziness or a smoking or drinking problem. Knowing what’s wrong is the first step towards correcting it. There is nothing wrong in seeking professional help if required to correct your weaknesses. Attend self-help classes if necessary.

Focus on today

“Past is a memory, today is a gift that’s why it is called present”. You need to let go of the past to be able to focus on your present. Take the learning’s of yesterday and apply them today. This is what is called experience. Grow with your experience.

Be honest

By being dishonest you are fooling nobody but yourself. You need to be open in your communication. If in doubt, ask. It’s better to ask and be regarded a fool than to assume and be regarded a failure. While dealing with customers, for example, if you are not sure about the answer to their questions don’t hesitate to say “I don’t know but I will find out”. They will appreciate your honesty.

Value relationships

Be it your customer, employees, partners or boss you need to value that relationship. You need to understand them before you want them to understand you. Start looking at them as lifelong relationships rather than a 1 year contract.

Sharpen your skills

You don’t want to become that axe-man who is cutting a tree for hours but does not pause to sharpen his axe because he does not have time. Just don’t work hard, work smart too. Take a break and hone or increase your skills.

Enjoy your life

Don’t forget the ultimate aim of all this work. It is to be happy. Whatever you are working on however serious it might be, pause and enjoy the little things of life. Enjoy hot tea on a rainy afternoon, a good movie with your friend or just some silly jokes by your colleague. Remember to Love, Laugh and Live.

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