Robotics Sales Jobs

For a while now robots have been used in the motor industry for the creation and combination of car parts. Up until recently it didn't cross anyone's mind that robots could be used in the eCommerce industry as well, and in the same manner. Companies that specialize in warehouse logistics technology has realized this gap in the market and has taken it by the horns.

With any company, whether it be eCommerce, or face to face purchasing an extremely important factor of the customer experience is how quickly the whole transaction went down. From the time they either clicked the button to confirm payment, or put their pin into that card machine (or paid cash). The time it takes for their item to be received is extremely important. When it comes to eCommerce we expect at least a few working days for the item to be delivered. Many companies are now offering a next day delivery concept. But what would you say if it could be taken a step further? and from the time you click that button to the time your package was parceled up and dispatched only 15 minutes had gone by? This is what most companies are now aiming for, and unfortunately that speed from click to ship is not possible for a human.

Being in the age of technology it comes as no surprise that day by day more and more people are getting online. The fact of the matter is - being able to shop online is quick and easy, and you don't have to leave your house. With online retail sales taking up a sixth of the ever growing market companies are in high demand to provide companies with their warehouse logistic systems. Everything from groceries, to clothing to parcel and Pharma markets can all be found online now and the quicker the item is received the more likely the customer is to be happy with the service, and therefore more likely to repeat their visit.

With the thought of Brexit looming at the feet of Britain and its European neighbors, it is likely the warehouse labor will significantly decrease. As travelling from Europe to the United Kingdom could become a longer process that is much more expensive, and much more difficult. Whether you like it or not robots are not a thing of the past, they are fast becoming part of our present and will be a major part of our future. Whether it be through home automated systems, even more intelligent smart phones or warehouse logistics systems robots are everywhere. In our ever changing world and ever changing country it is important to realize the demand and rise to the challenge of it and faster click to ship times is another part of that. If you are looking for a sales job be sure to check out the Ultimate Sales Guy.