22 Years Professional Sales
Press Release

Win $10,000 plus Big Commission Competing to be The Ultimate Sales Guy!

The Ultimate Sales Guy is a brand new concept which pits people from across the country and potentially the world to compete for the most sales for real companies. The Web based business utilizes the internet, personal videoing (to include facetime and or snap chat) to monitor real life contestants as they prepare and interact with real customers. The current contest from which contestants will compete selling website development, search engine optimization and social media. All contestants will earn commission for what they sell and there is point system which is tracked on a daily basis. In other words just selling the largest account does not make you the ultimate sales guy. Let's face it, anyone can get lucky or just happen to know someone from a big account that could make you win the Grand Prize. The contestants will win points for the various things that they do. For example, there are points for selling website development, more points for search engine optimatization, points for your video presentations, etc.

This contest is like NO other says President Mark Horton

I created this concept to help businesses to grow their customer base in a massive way extremely quickly. The contest is seriously ready made to be a reality show. It's going to be fun, it's going to be "Lit" and we are expecting both young and old to compete and show their stuff. Only serious sales people whom have a high degree of self confidence will rise to the top and have a chance at winning. The initial contest will be for our internet business and it will last for 6 months with the winner and final video production to be announced in January 2018.

Compensation and Benefits

Each sponsor has a different payment structure, but the "The Ultimate Sales Guy" will only accept Sponsors that have solid commissions, proven product lines, and the ability to deliver the product or service to the customers. Here are the Basic Benefit for the contest.

  • A GRAND Prize of $10,000 to winner of this 3 month contest
  • High Commissions Ranging from $500 per sale to $2300 Per Sale
  • Work from Home and Make your own hours (accept mandatory meetings)
  • Promote yourself to thousands of viewers in 22 Geo Graphic Areas
  • Top 2 Ultimate Sales guys will be offered a permanent Sales Position with Salary and Commission