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After going to careers day at a school local to me showing sixth grade students their options it got me thinking about how frightening the future might be for these youngsters. Of course this wasn’t something I shared with my audience. While instilling hope and excitement into the school children I inwardly felt that the prospects of these children achieving their goals in 2027 weren’t all that great. Just think of the machines that were used in businesses. For years they remained, that was until the computer came along.

When I was studying at college the class I first chose was studying the business machines that became redundant just a few years later. Not too long ago I actually saw them being sold as antiques on a television show, which was something that brought me down to reality with a big bang. Computers as great as they are have taken a number of job roles away from people. I was already aware of a computer program created by IBM known as ‘Watson’ to help those in the medical field to make a diagnosis faster based on symptoms. In addition to this I predicted that the amount of law offices in need for attorneys would reduce due to the applications created. Just a year later I noticed that it was also being used to help prepare income tax. Only last week I watched a commercial where the very same ‘Watson’ program was giving people advice on the NBA playoffs. The thought was frightening given that it could take away the need for many jobs currently undertaken by humans.

Take a look at hardware stores, we now have 3D printers. The question is, will it eradicate the need for hardware stores in the future. After reading an article in May it was predicted that over the next decade up to 7.5 million roles currently undertaken by humans could become obsolete. A further study showed that around 6 million jobs in retail could also be at risk. With just 16 million people currently working in retail that could equate to 38% of them not having a job role within the next decade. Manufacturing jobs are unlikely to return once they have been taken away as robots are being programmed to undertake them.

This father’s day I asked my wife if I could have a 3D printer and was shocked to find they could be picked up for as little as $60. Just think something that cost thousands just a few short years back can now be bought for a fraction of the price. After doing my own searches online I found one for as little as $16 with the postage included! Ok they are created to recreate small objects but just think of the implications for the stores that currently sell objects you can now make yourself for so little. With every new innovation comes job loss. Slide shows were once prepared by marketing firms, but now PowerPoint takes away the specialism of such illustration with children as young as 5 using the application. If you are looking for sales jobs be sure to check out the Ultimate Sales Guy.