12 New Jobs Created by Carella Laminated Systems in Derry

Carella Laminated Systems is a European company that offers designs, manufactures and laminate systems. This company is well-known for providing interior fit-out solutions for customers in various sector and also for manufacturing and supplying worktops and bonded boards for the kitchen and bedroom markets, respectively. They have been on the market for over 25 years and are back on the news by creating 12 new jobs in Derry, located in Northern Ireland, and by expanding their workforce to Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

The Managing Director Seamus Heon has explained their intent of growing the market share and improving their efficiency with the help of 12 new employees. This decision was made when an ambitious strategy of growth had its start in the company. Bill Montgomery, the Invest NI Director of Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering – another company that will support the decision -, explained the Carella Laminated Systems desires to acquire a 70% growth in Great Britain over the next three years and believes the 12 new jobs will ensure the needed resources to achieve the goal. Furthermore, besides the new employment, the company will also invest in all areas and expand its facilities, such as the newly developed bespoke site in Campsie Industrial State, which has already received new machinery to enhance the production capacity and the efficiency.

The Managing Director Seamus Heron also stated that the 12 new employees, that will be recruited with the help of the Invest NI, will help with the growth of workload and will also tender for new higher value projects within the target market. Therefore, the Carella expects hardworking employees, who will help the company to achieve its desire of expansion, growth in market share, and inclusion in a new business in the interior fit-out market. With that said, it was offered £90.000 to the 12 new jobs, which will also contribute with £407.000 in additional salaries to the local economy. Besides that, Carella is also expanding to other cities, such as Eglinton – in Londonderry -, proving to be investing in the goal of improving their efficiency and achieving a better growth in the market.

Despite investing in more than one city at the same time, the Carella Laminate Systems is ambitious to achieve the goal and has already received the support from Invest NI, which, in turn, has already enabled the company to undertake research visits to establish new customers relationships in the target markets. That way, the company ensures that the goal will be achieved with the help of the new employees and a delicate research.

The Carella Laminated Systems is not afraid of expanding the business throughout Northern Ireland and Great Britain, instead, the company is receiving support and financial help from the Invest NI. Besides that, it is also believed that these 12 new employees will boost the local economy by contributing to £407.000, thus, improving not only the company itself but also the city. With that said, throughout the two years of acquisition of new employees, the Carella aims for a growth of market share and new business in the interior fit-out market.

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